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AEROMAT VT with heat recover

Thanks to continuous and rigorous development, the AEROMAT VT with heat recovery is versatile enough to be installed as required: from every angle, this window ventilator is a real winner. This is principally due to the excellent heat recovery efficiency of up to 62%, without any formation of condensation, and its particularly high air throughput – whilst simultaneously keeping internal noise to a minimum and providing effective sound insulation. Its versatility is evident during installation: with an installation depth of just 320 mm and a length of only 1000 mm, it can be easily integrated into almost any façade. The low profile of 100 mm even allows for concealed installation, such as in the top of the window lintel area.

Installation features:

  • Optimal integration in façade due thanks to compact design
  • Concealed installation possible
  • Suitable for renovations and new construction


AERO MAT VT with heat recovery product features:

  • Healthy indoor environment due to simultaneous ventilation and extraction: stale, humid air in the room is replaced with pre-heated, fresh air
  • Suitable for living spaces (bedrooms, children's rooms, hotel rooms, etc.), schools and office buildings
  • Heat recovery: thermal efficiency of up to 62 % without the formation of condensation
  • High air throughput with two-stage radial blower (air volume up to 42 m3/h) with low internal noise
  • Effective sound absorption of over 50 dB
  • Optimum control via the intelligent SENSOAIR air quality sensor
  • With optional F7 and G3 filters
  • Easy filter replacement without disassembling the unit
  • Variant tested in accordance with VDI 6022 also available
 AEROMAT VT with heat recover
Tehnilised andmed  AEROMAT VT with heat recovery
Sound absorption in accordance with DIN EN 20140-10 RW1,9 / Dn,e,w 46 dB / 53 dB
Air throughput at 10 Pa 18 m3/h
Air throughput with blower Level 1: 19 m3/h
Level 2: 42 m3/h
Internal noise LpA
(in accordance with EN ISO 9614-2 / with 8 dB room insulation)
Level 1: 17 dB(A)
Level 2: 34 dB(A)
Heat recovery efficiency Up to 62 %
Optional filter Extraced air: G3
Supply air: F7
Manual closing Yes
Heat transfer coefficient in
accordance with EN ISO 6946
0,55 W/m²K
Installation height x depth x length 100 mm x 320 mm – 500 mm x 1000 mm – 3000 mm
Installation option Vertical / Horizontal
Installation location Sill
CE electrical connection 230 V
Electrical power consumption Level 1: 10 W
Level 2: 21 W
Surface / colour Aluminium/RAL 9016 white coated,
special RAL colours upon request
Additional information Optional window sill channel

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