AEROMAT VT with heat recover

Technically demanding projects require flexible solutions. The AEROMAT VT keeps all options open thanks to its modular design and can be adapted to optimally suit individual requirements. Its first-rate properties are impressive – from effective sound absorption and low energy consumption to optional heat recovery.

AEROMAT VT product and installation features:

  • High sound absorption and high air throughput for low energy consumption and individual air volume control
  • Optional white clamping and casing profiles
  • Modular, individually customisable ventilator design: e.g. with heat recovery and integration in building control systems
  • Problem-free installation and adaptation to building structure
  • Optimal integration in façade thanks to low-profile design


Customer-specific installation variants of the AEROMAT VT:

In many years working with architects and specialist planners, proposals for almost every type of installation have arisen – from concealed integration in the façade to inclusion in the design.


Installation below the ceiling:

Secured to the ceiling with a hole drilled through the supporting parts for static reasons.


Upright installation next to the window:

Ventilation even when the roller shutter is down thanks to the upright installation between the window reveal and the window frame/guide rails of the roller shutter – open air access between the guide rails and the masonry.


The 2 variants of the standard AEROMAT VT unit:

    Passive pressure differential ventilator with individual control of the air flow rate.
    Motor-driven ventilator with 2 power levels and low internal noise.

AEROMAT VT accessories:

  • Weather grille for installation in the impost
  • Window sill channel
  • Electric lock
  • Insect grille
  • Flap trap
  • G3 and F7 filters
  • Indicator lamp for ventilator operation

Installation with channel concealed in the window sill

aeromat vt

Installation in the window lintel

aeromat vt

Tehnilised andmed  AEROMAT VT  
  DS** RS
Sound absorption in accordance with DIN EN 20140-10 RW1,9 / Dn,e,w 50 dB / 57 dB
Air throughput at 2 Pa 8 m3/h  
Air throughput at 4 Pa 11 m3/h  
Air throughput at 5 Pa 12 m3/h  
Air throughput at 7 Pa 13 m3/h  
Air throughput at 8 Pa 14 m3/h  
Air throughput at 10 Pa 16 m3/h  
Air throughput with blower   Level 1: 30 m3/h
Level 2: 50 m3/h
Internal noise LpA
(in accordance with EN ISO 9614-2 / with 8 dB room insulation)
  Level 1: 14 dB(A)
Level 2: 26 dB(A)
Optional additional blower   Yes
Optional additional air duct Yes
Optional filter G3 or F7 With separate filter compartment
Manual closing Yes 
Motorised closing Available as an option
Heat transfer coefficient in
accordance with EN ISO 6946
0,25 W/m²K
Installation height x depth x length 100 mm x 250 mm – 500 mm x 600 mm – 3000 mm
Longer: upon request
100 mm x 320 mm – 500 mm x 1000 mm – 3000 mm
Installation option Vertical / Horizontal
Installation location Sill
Floor: VT-F upon request
CE electrical connection   230 V 
Electrical power consumption   Level 1: 5 W
Level 2: 17 W 
Surface / colour Aluminium/RAL 9016 white coated,
special RAL colours upon request
Additional information Optional flap trap and window sill channel

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